why bmf

Bored of the gym? Fed up of not seeing results? Would you like to "Get Fit, Have Fun and Get Social"

Have you ever dreamt of Fitness like Military personnel? Does it give you Goosebumps, makes your adrenaline rush or does it scare you and breaks you into a cold sweat. B Military Fit is the solution place you are looking for.

If you have that small sleeping seed of fitness which you weren't able to transmute into reality, BMF can make this dream reality.

Today's lifestyle and pollution has brought us various ailments. Our specially designed programme helps people to improve and attain great immune system that combats these problems and gives you a healthier life style.

We all know, one size doesn't fit all, so we have customized our programme for all levels of fitness across age groups.

Here are the top things you need to know about BMF, and why it's worth your time:

We train in all weathers

Be it rain or sunshine, we won't skip the session. Agreed that sunshine brings smile but freshness and smell of rain can make your workout more enjoyable. For many it would be proud feeling going back to their home drenched in sweat, water and mud, rather sitting in the enclosed walls and staring out of the window as a mere spectator.

Be assured that our session never get cancelled due to bit of rain, in fact such change in weather adds varieties to our session. To make the session more enjoyable our instructors will make sure that necessary changes are accommodated with changing weather.

All Fitness levels are welcomed

Does the name military fit make you nervous or make you think that it's not for you. Well time and again we keep getting such questions and our answer is0, "NO". We welcome people with all ability, be it beginner or advance.

You will get workout which suits your fitness level so that you could accommodate the new regime and then keep progressing your way up to next levels and feel motivated to keep yourself going.

Variation Never Ends

Combination of Trainers knowledge, Outdoor and bodyweight can have endless variations in the workout.

Lack of variation may result in boredom and further end of fitness journey. We understand this thoroughly and therefore our instructors will keep you occupied with newer challenges.

So you will find every session different compared to last.

No fancy equipment

You are here to get fit so let's keep it simple! We use nature and surroundings to assist us in our workout. This changing outdoor terrain, gives your body more challenges compared to working out on a flat indoor surface. Sometimes we do use simple equipment like tyres, ropes, cones, boxing gloves and boxing pads, nothing complex.

Correct posture plays a key role in any workout, which our instructor will always keep a watch on.


For us a trainer is not just about certifications, we give equal importance to the kind of innovations and engagement he or she can bring to the workout. Our trainers come with a variety of expertise ranging from physical therapy, weight loss, strength training, yoga, pilates and daily functional training.