Orientation takes place at your earliest convenience! During your personalized orientation, you will receive more details on what awaits you, you will participate in your initial fitness testing to give you an initial baseline so you can see how you have improved and given a Mess Log as an option.


c. Do I need to be super fit

No - but you do need to be committed to improve your level of fitness with a good workout. Don't worry if you lack motivation - we're here to help you get fit. We cater for all levels of fitness. We have equal numbers of men and women at our classes of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels.

d. Do I need to attend the fitness assessment before I start

Speak to the instructor when you arrive at the venue and they'll help you to go through the fitness assessment process.

e. What should I wear? Do I need any specialist equipment?

A decent pair of outdoor running shoes is all you really need. Fashion trainers are not advisable as they offer little support or grip and you may run the risk of injury if you wear them to a class. Other than that, an old t-shirt on top and shorts, tracksuit bottoms or running leggings are ideal. Some exercises involve getting down on the ground so be prepared to get a little bit dirty - it's part of the fun! Unfortunately we can't guarantee the weather but we can guarantee that you'll be sweating by the end of each session so make sure you have something warm to put on after the session has finished Specialist equipment - Good pair of running shoes, skipping rope, light weights, yoga mat and theraband, it is all what is required.

f. How long are the sessions?

The classes are an hour long. This includes a warm up, a cool down and stretches.

g. Will I be shouted at?

No, you will not be shouted at directly. However, our instructors will call out instructions and words of encouragement to keep the class motivated, so everyone gets the most out of their work out. They are a friendly bunch, and they love a bit of banter. But, ultimately our instructors are there for you to achieve your health and fitness goals.

h. I've registered on the website; do I need to book my free trial class?

No, once you've registered online, you can select any session on the timetable to come along to for a great work out. Just turn up at the meeting point in your kit 10-15 minutes before the start time.

i. Where do I put my valuables?

Please try to avoid bringing valuables to the classes

j. Do I have to register?

Yes, you can register by filling in the online form at any time. You will then receive an email with further instructions.

k. Do I need to bring my own water?

You need to bring your own water and/or isotonic drinks for before or after the session

l. It's raining / snowing; will there still be a BMF session today?

BMF train in all weather conditions, so long as it is deemed safe to do so. We adapt our style of training to the elements around us. Should it be necessary to cancel any sessions, we inform our members at the earliest opportunity. If you are ever in doubt, please do check the park web page held on our website.

m. Can I use parks other than the one I registered to?

Yes, we ask that the park you use the most frequently is your "home park". It is this park where your name will appear on the register, however, if visiting any other park/venue please let the instructor know you are visiting and the name of your "home park" and they will ensure your attendance is recorded.

n. Can I take a friend along with me to a session if they haven't used BMF before?

Yes, your friend will be offered a free trial class and then at the end of the class will be invited to join.

o. Can I transfer my membership to another person if I can't use it anymore?

No, memberships are for personal use only and are non transferable