Corporate Wellness is becoming a more important focus for organisations of any size as studies are proving that healthy employees make more effective employees.

Corporate Wellness

Fitness in the Workplace

Our mission is to get the India's workforce fit and healthy by teaming up with our partners to deliver bespoke corporate packages to suit their shift patterns, environment and budget.

Nothing bonds a workforce quite like group exercise and fun!

We will help you find a location, onsite or nearby, we will inspire your workforce to take part and we will improve the overall health and well-being of your company.


B Military Fit offers corporate wellness programmes for all corporate. We work with HR teams to consult and outreach to employees to educate on the importance of health and well being both in and outside of the workplace. Our corporate programmes are there to meet the needs of your organisations and can range from one off events to fully tailored programmes for your employees. BMF can train any day, any time and in whatever space is available to utilise.

All of our services include:

  • Dedicated instructor to deliver your classes
  • Dedicated account manager for the duration of our relationship
  • All fitness equipment and water
  • Vehicle for safe storage of participant's belongings
  • Venue license arrangements


Our one off single session last for one hour and include a 10 minute warm up, 45 minutes of cardio, strength, resistance and team activities, followed by a 5 minute cool down. The sessions are broken down into ability levels so the classes are suitable for all abilities. (Blue: Beginner, Red: Intermediate, Green: Advanced)


Our multiple class programme is for clients who want a longer term well being programme in their workplace. This can range from a monthly scheduled class to multiple weekly classes on site in your desired location.


BMF offer team building days away with trained instructors. Each course is designed specially for the company and can range from an obstacle course built within your grounds to map reading days out.

For longer team breaks, groups of employees can enjoy weekends away doing military-style adventure training which includes hiking, trekking, watersports and more. The get-away is suitable for all fitness abilities.