Fight Pollution with JAGGERY or GUR

Fight pollution with JAGGERY or GUR this festival session

Delhi air quality is worsening each day. So if you are experiencing difficulty in breathing or dryness in your throat, there is an easy remedy right there in your home which may help to combat the harmful effect of air pollutants.

Gud (jaggery) an unrefined form ...Read More

SPRINT your way to FITNESS

Are you in search of a training technique that could help you lose fat and reveal those long lost abdominal muscles? Are you tired of those gym-intensive regimes that require hours of your time?


Look no further: Just go for sprint training.


Personally, I think that sprinting is the ...Read More

Benefits of Outdoor Workout

Outdoor Workout Benefits

Outdoor workout can also be referred as green workout as it is like taking exercise to the natural environment which is better for both physical and mentally well being.

Good for you mind and body, also lesser chances of getting bored

Workout under the blue sky and green ...Read More

All You Want To Know About HIIT

How about maximal health benefits in minimal time….HIIT may be an answer.


What Is High-Intensity Interval Training?


HIIT stands for ‘high-intensity interval training’, it involves short bursts of intense exercise that make your heart rate speed up alternated with low-intensity recovery periods. In the last ...Read More