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Why BMilitaryFit?

We at BMF understand each human being and have customized our program for all levels of fitness across different age groups.

As The founder of BMilitaryFit Mr Binod Bhadri had always felt that fitness and health of one is everything in life. Since his childhood days he is been into outdoor fitness. Guiding people towards a healthy mind, body and soul has always been his passion, his love for nature makes him extremely extraordinary as a human who value life, nature above and over everything.

His ideology behind forming BMilitaryFit is the refreshing ecosystem totally unused, the monotonous and boring environment of our daily fitness practices. The unseen results of extreme hard work, and zeal “To Get Fit, Have Fun and to Socialize”

BMF is for people who have always dreamt of Fitness like Military personnel. It’s a platform giving you actual results. We nurture the sapling of fitness into a reality of fruitful growing tree. Specially designed progamme by our fitness experts help people to improve and attain great immune system and physique, to fight back daily problems and giving a healthier life style to each happy individual.


The petrichor, the dew, the twilight and our classes are always on time. Many believe there's nothing better than breathing the fresh morning breeze of the day and pumping our lungs full of oxygen.
Surprisingly, the feeling of accomplishment is when we are rolled up in mud after every morning session where one could hardly make it out of the bed. Our classes run through every season as on contrary, weather and temperature help in deriving new forms of workouts in each class, we ensure to cater everyone and helping individuals in every weather condition.
To answer, everyone, we are just your start, each one among us deserve to be fit and healthy. Therefore, our classes are categorized into different ability groups.
Whichever group you join at a B Military Fit class – you’ll be guaranteed an effective workout with people of a similar level of fitness. Every week, you’ll work hard, have fun and make differentiable progress that you’ll be able to see and feel.
Like a marine we do workouts according to the availablity – benches, tyres, ropes, own body weight and partner body weight - nothing technical or complex. What all matters us is the individuals growth and fitness.
It is quite necessary to focus on technique and posture, in which our instructor is well trained and guide individually.
Variations are required in our monotonous life to maintain the spark of life, similarly exercises also need variations to boost and to force one’s body to accept changes and challenges.
For which our instructors are well specially trained, having a unique and individualistic style to mentor, this makes every BMF class more interesting and efficient.
Our driving force are our highly trained instructors having an immense knowledge ranging from physical therapy, weight loss, pilates, strength training, and functional training.
We aim to give everyone a sense of accomplishment in their life by achieving and succeeding in their inter personal fitness goals. We are here to train, to motivate and to pump you up with energy.
You know you have achieved your objective in life when you have people sharing their experience of us in society. We have number of users who have reviewed BMF on various social media platforms.