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Membership And Packages

BMilitaryFit have come up with different series of packages to suits your needs,
so that you can sign up and enroll for membership.

Only Sat. and Sun.
Personalzed workouts
  • Ideal for people with busy lifestyle, looking to explore the idea of HIIT. We schedule fun filled HIIT based workout sessions for every age group to make the weekend more utilizing and active.
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1-30 or 31 of Month
Rs. 1,500/-
For all those who are new into the fitness journey and looking to engage themselves in active lifestyle with our limitless fun filled workout variations.
Quarterly Package
Rs. 4,000/-
Involves people wanting to pace-up with their fitness target related to fat loss, strength gain, building endurance, who are concerned about their good health, wanting to play safe from future life style issues.
Half Yearly Packages
Rs. 6,000/-
We target all those who are willing to put all their willingness and dedication to get their better 'me' by sharpening their skills in various domain of fitness like long run, sprints, jumps, climbing, boxing.
Yearly Packages
Rs. 9,000/-
People seeking to reach the core of fitness, by aiming to be near perfect like an athlete.


  • Would like to keep our due date simple and easy to remember. Anyone joining in mid of month need to pay in pro rate basis for that month and post that it would be 1st of every month. For example, Binod joined on 9th Mar so he needs to pay for 23 days ((1500/31) *23).
  • Membership fee cannot be adjusted against absent days.

Membership Terms And Conditions

These terms apply to all of members.


Your membership will start from the date specified on your membership agreement form in joining at venue or in your ‘Welcome’ email if joining online or via telephone.

Your membership will continue automatically unless you terminate your membership.

Any person joining on our discounted rates must provide the following at point of joining:

Corporate: You must provide a valid work email address to be eligible for this offer.
Student Rate: You must provide a student ID card at your first trial session. This will be checked on an annual basis to maintain this rate.
B Military Fit venues and classes

We currently permit members to attend classes at any B Military Fit venue. Members not attending their ‘home’ venue must register their full name and home venue with the instructor upon arrival.

We will ask you to transfer your membership to the venue you use most in any three-month period.

Class timetables

We change our timetable twice a year in line with the seasonal clock changes at the end of March and the end of October. We give you at least 30 days notice of any timetable changes affecting your home venue.

We may on occasion need to make additional temporary changes over and above seasonal changes to our class timetable. If possible, we will notify you of our intention to do this.

About your membership fees
Joining fee: The joining fee applies to all memberships. If you cancel and want to rejoin, a further joining fee may apply. Any joining fee payments will be taken in advance.
Pro-rate membership fees: You will pay your first month’s pro-rated membership fee will be taken on your joining.
Monthly membership fees: Monthly membership fees are paid in advance. This needs to be will be paid online.
Missing membership fee payments:

If you don’t pay your membership fee on time, we will e-mail to tell you. We will continue our attempt to collect your subscription by online payment. You may be charged non-payment fee of Rs50 per day for this.

Until your fees are successfully paid and your account brought back up to date your membership will be suspended and you will be unable to attend classes.

Fee changes: We review our membership fees from time to time. We will give you at least one calendar month’s written notice of any such changes.
How to cancel your membership:

Should you wish to cancel your membership you must give us at least seven days written notice before month end. Your membership will end on the last day of that month.

Notices received after 17:30 hrs will be deemed to have been received on the next working day. You are responsible for ensuring that we have received your written notice.

We will need to see proof of these circumstances and also seven days written notice before month end. You are responsible for ensuring that we have received your written notice and proof of circumstances.

How to transfer your membership:

Your membership is personal to you and cannot be assigned or transferred to another individual.

You can apply to transfer your membership to another venue. Membership at your new venue will start on the first day of the following month, and you will have to pay the prevailing membership fees at the venue to which you transfer.

Our right to cancel your membership:

We may cancel your membership immediately if you:

  • Break these terms and conditions
  • Put the health, safety or wellbeing of other members or our employees at risk
  • Allow other people to use your membership to attend classes
  • Engage in disruptive, abusive or violent behavior

You can apply to transfer your membership to another venue. Membership at your new venue will start on the first day of the following month, and you will have to pay the prevailing membership fees at the venue to which you transfer.

Our responsibility to you:

We are not legally responsible for any possessions you lose or that are damaged or stolen at the venue. If you have an accident or injure yourself at one of our classes you must report this to the instructor straight away.

Your personal information:

We take our responsibility for looking after your personal information very seriously. You can find out how you can see the information we hold about you or how to ask us to change this information in our privacy policy which is on our website www.B Military

You are responsible for informing us about any changes to your personal information.

Changes to these terms and conditions:

We may change these terms and conditions. We will give you at least 30 days notice to inform you of any significant changes that may affect your membership and also publish the updated terms and conditions on our website.