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Want To Train Yourself With BMF

When new to BMF be ready to be persistent and to come out of your comfort zone because we work hard with a strong will power.

Our planed workout sessions are safe and secure with effective and efficient exercise plans. We target on technique and on safety. Your individualistic health and fitness are our primary goal, we modify our plans according to our client’s body type and if one has any pre-existing injuries which do not allow you from attaining your goals now.


With your pre-Boot Camp orientation class, we are going to take it on friendly note to answer, to boost up your enthusiasm, to pump up your will power to get more fit, fitter each passing day. Here we evaluate you to guide you well and to put you in right level of fitness programee. At your orientation, you can expect few unexpected funs as well as testing activities such as:

Physical Testing

Strengthening Test

Endurance Test

Body Assessment Testing

Recording Weight

Body Fat Index

Taking Your "Before" Photos

Training schedule

Day 1 At BMF

01. Day one at BMF is full of surprise and unexpected as it is typically like a real military boot camp, each day at BMF is different with different level of intensity and involvement.

02. Our programs are specially designed to work on all over body muscles and targeting on each individual’s overall health. The BMF outdoor training can include one or all of the following techniques:


Be glued to your fitness Programme schedule, it’s for your own individualistic benefit.
Come in proper running shoes, which is of breathable material and support your feet well.
Water is an important factor of our body constitution hence it is suggested to bring your water bottle.
It is Preferred if you wear BMF T-shirt (as our T-shirts are designed according to different fitness level which are specially manufactured from sweat absorbent fabric).