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Corporate Wellness in this current scenario is a necessary step to be taken to prevent our work force from future life style diseases.

These days it’s an important factor to be catered in many organizations. A healthy and fit employee is an effective and efficient person who can help in achieving organizations goals as well as can achieve inter personal goals too.

Our mission is to get our country’s workforce and youth to be more fit and healthy by teaming up with our partners to deliver bespoke corporate packages to suit their shift patterns, environment and budget. These activities help creating an internal bond among the employees arising a sense of unity and to inspire all.


B Military Fit offers corporate wellness programmes for all kind of corporate organizations. We like to work with an organizations Human Resource teams to feed, consult and to guide about importance of fitness outside of the workplace. BMF is always ready to train any day, any time and in whatever space is available to utilize.

All of our services include:

  • A best instructor to deliver your classes
  • Personal manager for securing the relationship
  • Fitness Equipment’s

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What service are you interested in?

Single Class

Each single class/session last for an hour and include a 10-minute warm up, 4- minutes of cardio, strength, resistance and team activities, followed by a 5-minute cool down.

Multiple Classes

Multiple classes programme is for clients welling for actual fitness and wellbeing.It may vary from a monthly scheduled class to multiple weekly classes on site of your desired location.

Team Building Events

BMF offer leadership and team building ways and tasks with trained instructors. Each day session is designed especially for the benefit of company, ranging from an obstacle course to static stretching with in the organizations premises as a day out.
On longer week breaks, employees can enjoy weekends away doing military-style adventure training which includes hiking, trekking, watersports and more. The get-away is suitable for all fitness abilities.